Dr Susan Ella Dawson

Dr Susan Ella Dawson is a psychologist specialised in the study of human-companion animal relationships.  Sue is Director of Animal-Kind a consultancy which provides animal welfare education, offers research into the psychology of human-animal interactions and therapy. Sue’s research experience includes an RSPCA funded study investigating the impact on children of witnessing animal abuse in the home (1994-1996),  a doctorate study funded by Manchester Metropolitan University investigating companion animal owner grief in relation to veterinary euthanasia (2003-2007) and most recently in collaboration with The Donkey Sanctuary investigated children’s relationships with donkeys during therapeutic riding (2009-2011). Sue is working with veterinary surgeons at the moment investigating their experiences of psychological distress and suicidal ideation. Sue previously worked as Training Manager with The Blue Cross/SCAS Pet Bereavement Support Service and spent 13 years working as a Regional Education Advisor with The RSPCA in The UK and in post-war Bosnia with RSPCA International. Sue was a veterinary nursing assistant before this at Darley House Veterinary Centre in Lancashire. As a Vet Nurse Online lecturer, she writes high quality lectures providing online CPD for veterinary nurses.


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