Vet Nurse Online CPD membership provides access to a wide range of informative and varied veterinary nurse training online through e-learning. So whether it’s you or your practice who pays for your CPD, Vet Nurse Online provides great value and makes keeping up with your vet nurse CPD requirements easy and enjoyable.

Membership benefits include:

  • Choice – We have a wide range of lectures to choose from, and with new lectures being updated or added to the library there is always be plenty of choice. Mix and match the ones that interest you and are relevant to your career.
  • Convenience – Lectures can be viewed anywhere, anytime, so even with the most hectic of working life, CPD needn’t be difficult.  Some of our lectures are even marked as Accessible Lectures, meaning they are ideal for those for whom audio might be a problem.  And so, if you wish to learn at work or in public, you will be able to do so quietly without missing any of the lecturers points – an ideal solution for using your commute to work or your lunch break to catch up on your CPD!
  • Relevance – Vet Nurse-led and with most of the lecturers vet nurses themselves, each lecture is specifically designed for vet nurses, and is entirely relevant.
  • Educational – Its more than just lectures – online questions, printable handouts and our online reflective learning diary ensure a high standard of CPD.
  • Professional Excellence – All our CPD can be used by Vet Nurses to keep up with their RCVS CPD requirements, and since originally gaining approval from the BVNA in 2011 we continue to place the greatest of importance on professional excellence, gaining approval from the VNCA and the NZVNA since then.
  • Independence – We are entirely free from sales sponsorship, funding or advertising, and this sponsorship free policy ensures all education and training is free from bias.
  • Simplicity – Traditional in lecture style and simple to use.
  • Rewarding – Printable certificate of attendance for each lecture.

Signing up is simple, a short term membership subscription to Vet Nurse Online costs only £50. This allows access to the full range of veterinary nursing modules in the CPD Library, and there are no additional costs.

Free membership for charities and projects in developing countries

Thumbs up!Vet Nurse Online provides free membership for veterinary nurses, community animal health workers and para-vets working for projects in developing countries to assist with further education and  training.

If you feel you may be eligible for this, please email us details of your work directly as we are always keen to support such work.

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