No part of this Web Site or material contained within it or provided by it should be taken as instruction to be followed with no prior training. Vet Nurse Online provides CPD only and is not involved with the VN qualification, and it is expected that all members viewing the presentations provided have been previously trained in Veterinary Nursing and animal health. Thereby Under No Circumstances should anything viewed in the material provided by Vet Nurse Online supercede clinical judgement, and due caution should always be taken when treating animals or carrying out any tasks.  All legal requirements, such as the Veterinary Surgeons Act and the Animal Welfare Act must be adhered to, as must The Guide to Professional Conduct.  Further, due to the changing nature of Veterinary science and Veterinary Nursing due to research and development, continuing education is likely to change and presentational information viewed on Vet Nurse Online may be superceded in the future as new research develops.  Clinical judgement and due caution will always be required and responsibility remains entirely with the user.


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