Obesity Initiative and Competition for VNs

I recently heard of an interesting initiative from Burgess Pet Care – concerned with the increasing problem of pet obesity in the UK they have introduced a Veterinary Nurse Competition for the best case study covering weight loss in small mammals (small pets rather than a cat or dog).  We thought some of our members may well be interested in this as, of course, we do see an awful lot of obesity in practice and any initiative is a great step to improving things. I’m sure clients will be interested in being considered for their pet to be a case study, and hopefully some small pets will benefit from the attention paid to their weight. The Prizes offered are also fantastic and well worth a look – for more information about it check out http://www.burgesspetcare.co.uk/blog/burgess-pet-care-sponsor-veterinary-nurse-prize.

Announcing The Vet Nurse Online Volunteering for Animal Welfare Grant

Vet Nurse Online is this year introducing The Vet Nurse Online Volunteering for Animal Welfare Grant and will soon be inviting application from members who would like to be considered for a £500 grant towards volunteering in the assistance of animal welfare worldwide. From spending some time helping at a local animal charity to travelling to volunteer with animals abroad, using your vet nurse skills in such a valuable way is something that we at Vet Nurse Online are keen to support. So, if you are a qualified veterinary nurse and a member of Vet Nurse Online at the time of application you are welcome to submit your proposal to be considered for the £500 funding towards your plan to volunteer your time and skills to help animals anywhere in the world.

Applications will be accepted from the 1st July until the 1st September, and relate to a volunteer plan for any time between September 2013 and September 2014. Decision on the successful applicant will be made and awarded in September 2013.

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Grant Guidelines:

To apply you must be a member of Vet Nurse Online and a Qualified Veterinary Nurse.

Applications must be for a plan to make a valuable contribution to animal welfare through volunteering. This can be in the UK or anywhere in the world. This can be for voluntary work you already do, or for a new project or placement you would like to do.

To apply you must have a safe plan in mind and be happy to organise all aspects of your planned volunteering in full yourself.

It is hoped that the successful applicant will be happy to provide a bitesize video blog or written blogs to be uploaded to the Vet Nurse Online website on your return to report back on the project and on work done during the volunteer placement. This can be a great opportunity to help raise awareness of the work done by the charity.

To request an application form please email info@vetnurseonline.co.uk anytime.

For ideas of voluntary placements worldwide have a look at our volunteer links page

Accessible Lectures

At Vet Nurse Online we are committed to increasing our accessibility and to improving the service we bring our members, and as such are gradually expanding our range of accessible lectures.  We wanted to introduce the idea for those for whom audio might be a problem and these lectures will now be marked clearly as Accessible Lectures in the Notes section.  And so, if you wish to learn at work or in public, you will be able to do so quietly without missing any of the lecturers points.  We thought it an ideal solution for using your commute to work on the train or tube to catch up on your CPD! Although not all of our lectures can be designed like this, we do hope to gradually increase the range that can be viewed easily without the need for sound.

New Veterinary Nursing CPD Lecture on Nutrition Uploaded for June

This months new lecture has now been uploaded and will be a popular addition to the Vet Nurse Online CPD Library. Entitled “Nutritional Support for the Critical Patient” it is the newest contribution from Louise O Dwyer and it takes an interesting and detailed look at the role of nutrition in emergency and critical patients and looks at the different options available for providing nutritional support for these patients. It discusses when to consider tube feeding, nutritional assessment of patients, and the actual placement of tubes.  It also discuss diet choice and calculating how much to feed.  As usual the lecture was designed specifically for Veterinary Nurses and should be really useful for Vet Nurses in practice. Enjoy!

New Lecturers Coming Soon

At Vet Nurse Online we are currently in the process of choosing some great new lectures for the coming months and also have some great new lecturers joining us, with a great new range of experience and expertise, to bring our members some great new Veterinary Nurse CPD lectures.  So over the coming months you may see a few changes to the website and to the lecturer list and the CPD library list itself.  We will of course be continuing to add a new lecture every month as usual so the choice is ever increasing, but as we upgrade the library we will also be changing some of the titles available.  So watch this space for your Vet Nurse Online updates!


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