Volunteering Worldwide

We have uploaded two new more new lectures for 2018 focusing on volunteering which is something we will be focusing more on in the future as its such a great way for Vet Nurses to develop their professional skills in practice in some incredible places.  The first is one on volunteering with The Dogs Trust in Bosnia and the second is one on volunteering in South Africa with a huge range of African wildlife.  We also wanted to let all our members know that we will soon be travelling to South Africa ourselves – meeting with South African VNs and making some new and awesome lectures over there as we did a few years ago in South East Asia.  Vet Nurse Online is truly worldwide and keen to bring an extensively worldwide approach to our CPD so will be out of office for a while we do so – please bear with us while we do so – and look forward to the new lectures on our return!

Series of New Lectures Uploaded for 2018

In accordance with our new style of upload – a series upload rather than a monthly upload – we have uploaded a series of rabbit lectures today by Claire Speight A1 Clinical Coach, RVN, C&G Cert Nursing Exotic Species.  This series provides a range of new and up to date lectures on rabbit nursing, such as ‘Rabbit Welfare’; ‘Rabbits and Children’; ‘Hand raising Rabbits’; ‘Rabbit Anatomy’; ‘Common Questions Rabbit Owners Ask’; and ‘How to be a Rabbit Friendly Practice’.   We hope that with these all our members will be leading the way in rabbit welfare in practice! Enjoy!

New Lecture Uploaded

We have a new lecture uploaded today which focuses on assessing and managing pain in rabbits and will be very useful for those who nurse rabbits in practice.  It looks at signs of pain and types of analgesia in particular. Enjoy!

Privacy Policy Changes

Another change coming into effect this week is to our privacy policy – due to the GDPR legislation of course!  Please do take a look at our privacy policy and do remember that if you would like to unsubscribe at any time you are welcome to so do let us know and we can delete your member account which holds your data as filled in by you at registration – name, email address etc.

Changes at Vet Nurse Online

At the beginning of the year we announced some changes would be coming for Vet Nurse Online after surveying all members to find out what features you love about Vet Nurse Online and what changes you would like to see.  Since then weve collected those results and have been working hard to put these changes into place.

The biggest change that we can announce today is our newest lecturers – three new contributing lecturers all from Langford Referral Hospital and all specialising in different areas which bring a fantastic new addition to the Vet Nurse Online team.  One of the reports back from members we had was that they wanted to see more ECC lectures and so the first of our new lecturers is Tom Smith RVN, Cert VN ECC, VTS ECC, Core Intensive Care Nurse from the Small Animal Referral Hospital Langford Vets/University of Bristol and his first lecture on Triage will be uploaded soon.  We then have Kelly Shackleton RVN, Ophthalmology Nurse, Small Animal Referral Hospital Langford Vets/University of Bristol, whose opthalmology series will be coming soon.  And then, Nicola Swales BSc(Hons) RVN Dermatology Nurse, Small Animal Referral Hospital Langford Vets/University of Bristol, whose focus is dermatology and whose lecture will also be coming soon.  All of these topics will be a fantastic addition to the Vet Nurse Online CPD library so it is great to welcome them to the team!

Other changes coming up will be an improvement to our environmental credentials – you may have noticed already that our invoicing is now done by email rather than by post. Of course our website has always been powered by a web host that offsets all carbon dioxide emissions that are generated by the services and infrastructure used to power their websites, and so now we aim to cut down our environmental impact further. We now uphold a fully vegan workplace and have dramatically reduced plastic use in the office too!

And our monthly upload of lectures is also changing.  Since no one voted that the monthly upload was a top feature we have decided to focus instead on purely regular updates rather than a monthly upload.  As such we will soon be uploading a large number of lectures at once to boost the size of our library rather than uploading one at a time.  We feel this will be a better approach in particular for lecture series where members want to get on with the series rather than waiting until the following month.  We find our library to be popular with VNs coming back to work after a break so to have to wait for a new monthly upload as part of a series isnt always ideal. And, of course we will continue to review and update our lecture titles as usual.  So, watch this space for some new lectures coming all at once!!

So, a huge thanks to all of our members who took part in the survey and hope you all like the new changes. And, most of all, a huge welcome to our new lecturers!


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