Happy World Animal Day!

Wishing all our members, and the animals they care for, a good World Animal Day 2018. World Animal Day is a social movement charged with the Mission of raising the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe, and for more info do see https://www.worldanimalday.org.uk/.  This is a really important objective that Vet Nurse Online fully supports and Im sure all VNs do too, so do take a look at the website!

New Lecture Uploaded

We’ve uploaded a new lecture entitled ‘Hand Rearing and Nutrition of Puppies’ today.  This bitesize lecture provides an in depth presentation focusing specifically on hand rearing and nutrition of puppies.  Enjoy!

Volunteering Worldwide

We have uploaded two new more new lectures for 2018 focusing on volunteering which is something we will be focusing more on in the future as its such a great way for Vet Nurses to develop their professional skills in practice in some incredible places.  The first is one on volunteering with The Dogs Trust in Bosnia and the second is one on volunteering in South Africa with a huge range of African wildlife.  We also wanted to let all our members know that we will soon be travelling to South Africa ourselves – meeting with South African VNs and making some new and awesome lectures over there as we did a few years ago in South East Asia.  Vet Nurse Online is truly worldwide and keen to bring an extensively worldwide approach to our CPD so will be out of office for a while we do so – please bear with us while we do so – and look forward to the new lectures on our return!

Series of New Lectures Uploaded for 2018

In accordance with our new style of upload – a series upload rather than a monthly upload – we have uploaded a series of rabbit lectures today by Claire Speight A1 Clinical Coach, RVN, C&G Cert Nursing Exotic Species.  This series provides a range of new and up to date lectures on rabbit nursing, such as ‘Rabbit Welfare’; ‘Rabbits and Children’; ‘Hand raising Rabbits’; ‘Rabbit Anatomy’; ‘Common Questions Rabbit Owners Ask’; and ‘How to be a Rabbit Friendly Practice’.   We hope that with these all our members will be leading the way in rabbit welfare in practice! Enjoy!

New Lecture Uploaded

We have a new lecture uploaded today which focuses on assessing and managing pain in rabbits and will be very useful for those who nurse rabbits in practice.  It looks at signs of pain and types of analgesia in particular. Enjoy!


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