Choose Hugs not Pugs!

Some of our members may have seen the BVA campaign in the media recently and perhaps even their valentine message of Hugs not Pugs as they try to raise awareness about the health and welfare issues of the popular brachycephalic dogs and its one we are keen to help promote at Vet Nurse Online.  As they say – “This is the second year BVA is encouraging romantics to give ‘hugs, not Pugs’ to loved ones and has directly raised concerns with a number of card retailers, encouraging them to avoid using images of brachycephalic animals in a bid to prevent promoting these animals as the pet du jour. Organisations including Marks & Spencer, Costa Coffee and Heinz have already committed to considering the use of brachycephalic animals in their advertising and merchandise.

President of the British Veterinary Association, vet John Fishwick said:

“Pugs and many other flat-faced dogs have lovely temperaments, but the use of their images on cards and gifts is ‘normalising’ these breeds’ short noses and big eyes which can cause horrendous pain for the animal and prove costly for the owner to treat.

“We understand that stock for this year is already in the shops, but we’re confident that now card retailers are aware of these problems they will want to do their bit to reduce the visibility and, hopefully, the popularity of these breeds.

“Valentine’s Day is meant to be romantic, so giving a gift or card depicting an animal that can suffer breathing difficulties or skin problems as a result of its breeding is definitely a message to avoid. That’s why we’re saying choose hugs not Pugs to show your love.”

The vets’ Valentine’s Day message is part of BVA’s #BreedtoBreathe campaign, which is calling on big brands to help combat the rise in popularity of these extreme features and stop promoting them in merchandising and advertising.”

So, anyone interested do join the sharing of the message on social media and happy valentines day to you all!


New Lecture Uploaded

The lecture for February has now been uploaded, entitled “The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust”.  This bitesize lecture looks at the work of the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust and what an amazing experience it is to volunteer with them.  Presented by a previous RVN volunteer the lecture shows different activities the Trust does in The Gambia, including both veterinary health care such as wound management, and education in schools and of owners, and highlights how important it is that VNs do volunteer, for both the donkeys and for the communites as a whole.  At Vet Nurse Online we are keen to help VNs volunteer all over the world and use their skills in some really amazing places doing some really amazing work.  Next month we will continue on with a similar idea, with a lecture on Mission Rabies.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our members and wishing you all a wonderful 2018! Our first lecture of the year is now up on the website – entitled “Basic Nursing Care of Chelonians” by Shoned Hawksworth RVN DipAVN (Small Animal) Cert IV (QVN) Cert VNES (Exotics) Cert Nut (QCF Nutrition) This lecture takes a detailed look at the nursing care of chelonians, including nutrition; handling; hospitalisation and nursing and common diseases and is a really useful one.  There will be plenty of great new lectures coming up during 2018 and a few changes as well after our recent member survey. So watch this space!

Happy Christmas to all our members

Wishing all our members a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year! We have lots of new changes coming for 2018 and loads of great new lectures coming throughout the year too, including on nursing care of chelonians, rabbit radiography and some more volunteering lectures to look forward to.    So watch this space and Happy Christmas! x

Survey for Members Reminder

Thanks to all our members who have taken our short survey and if any one else would still like to give their views please visit to do so.  The results of the survey will have a direct impact on the current changes that we are now working on at Vet Nurse Online as we look to the future for our members.  Watch this space as we implement all the changes in the new year!

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