Introduction to Bear Health and Welfare for Veterinary Nurses


Filmed in the Animals Asia Bear Hospital in Vietnam with their VN Team, this video based vet nursing CPD lecture provides a detailed and interesting introduction to Bear Health and Welfare.  It explains the different roles of the VNs in the Bear Hospital and shows the work done and how it is carried out.  Medicating bears and health monitoring of bears are two of the roles discussed. The vet nursing CPD lecture then gives a detailed step-by-step case study of a bear health check under general anaesthetic and looks at the anaesthetic procedure for bears and the health check itself. The lecture continues with an overview of bear welfare at the sanctuary, looking at  diet and enrichment.

Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of health and welfare issues facing bears in bile farms in Asia and the background to Animals Asia.
  • An understanding of the veterinary care involved for bears rescued from bile farms.
  • An understanding of the veterinary nursing procedures for bear health in Asia, such as lab work,  medicating and monitoring.
  • An understanding of the procedures and protocols of bear health checks under GA.
  • An understanding of bear health and welfare generally such as diet and enrichment.


Rae Joy VN & Caroline Nelson VN


Please be aware that due to the size of this lecture it may take a while to load so please bear with it. Thankyou.


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