Dogs Trust Bosnia


This bitesize lecture looks at volunteering for the Dogs Trust in Bosnia. 

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Corneal Ulcers, Scratching the Surface

This advanced ophthalmology CPD lecture for VNs provides an interesting and engaging look at corneal ulcers and so will be ideal for any VN working with ophthalmology patients or aiming to work with them in the future.  It examines the cornea itself, the reasons for corneal ulcers and types of ulcers and then looks at the treatment of corneal ulcers.  It also uses a range of videos to provide a helpful demonstration of nursing care.

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Series of New Lectures Uploaded for 2018

In accordance with our new style of upload – a series upload rather than a monthly upload – we have uploaded a series of rabbit lectures today by Claire Speight A1 Clinical Coach, RVN, C&G Cert Nursing Exotic Species.  This series provides a range of new and up to date lectures on rabbit nursing, such as ‘Rabbit Welfare’; ‘Rabbits and Children’; ‘Hand raising Rabbits’; ‘Rabbit Anatomy’; ‘Common Questions Rabbit Owners Ask’; and ‘How to be a Rabbit Friendly Practice’.   We hope that with these all our members will be leading the way in rabbit welfare in practice! Enjoy!

Nursing Role for the Ophthalmology Patient


This detailed and informative lecture examines the care of the ophthalmology patient so is ideal CPD for any Vet Nurse caring for such patients in practice.  It takes an in depth look at ophthalmology nursing as a whole, including the ophthalmic exam and diagnostic techniques; admitting ophthalmology patients; nursing care and hospitalisation; different conditions; recognising signs of ocular pain; different medication and treatments and administering these and so it aims to ensure high standards of care of these patients.

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New Lecture Uploaded

We have a new lecture uploaded today which focuses on assessing and managing pain in rabbits and will be very useful for those who nurse rabbits in practice.  It looks at signs of pain and types of analgesia in particular. Enjoy!


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