Basic Nursing Care of Chelonians


This lecture takes a detailed look at the nursing care of chelonians, including nutrition; handling; hospitalisation and nursing and common diseases.


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Rabbit Radiography


This bitesize lecture looks at radiography in rabbits for vet nurses and will be very helpful for anyone involved in rabbit radiography in practice.

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New Lecture uploaded for September

Septembers lecture has now been uploaded, entitled “Clinical Techniques for Successful Rabbit Nursing”. This lecture is the first of our current rabbit series, and discusses clinical techniques in rabbit nursing such as intravenous catheter placement, blood sampling technique, syringe feeding, intubation and V-gel placement.  It is therefore ideal CPD for Veterinary Nurses who work with rabbit patients.  With the aim of reducing stress in rabbit patients due to improved nursing techniques, the lecture provides a useful basis for skill development in practice.  Enjoy!

Volunteering for Animal Welfare Grant

Just a few more days left to get your application in for the Vet Nurse Online Volunteering for Animal Welfare Grant for £500.  Take a look at for more information or contact us for an application form.

Mandatory CCTV in Slaughterhouses in the News

Great news for animal welfare as at last the Government are planning for mandatory CCTV for all slaughterhouses in England.  Animal charities such as Animal Aid as well as the BVA and the VHPA have been campaigning for years for this and it is a huge step forward for animal welfare that it is now going forward.  The shocking footage exposed by those such as Animal Aid of animal abuses in slaughterhouses has really shown the need for CCTV so that the animal welfare at time of slaughter can be more effectively monitored.  To read more about it see the BVA page or here for further info.


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