Changes at Vet Nurse Online

This week we are announcing some changes going on at Vet Nurse Online – we have decided that this will be the last year we will run our membership – and, after 10 years of providing fantastic CPD to Vet Nurses worldwide we will be closing down the CPD library in 2021.  There are several reasons for this but we wanted to let all our members know in good time so they get a chance to get in all their CPD over the winter and also to give any new members a chance to enjoy the webinars before we close up. So for the next 6 months we will be offering a short term membership offer at only £50  – giving everyone a chance to do as much CPD as they can within this time – the perfect chance for winter learning! Our website will be updated for this change this week and if you have any questions at all do let us know! And, as always, enjoy your CPD!

New Lecture Uploaded Today

We’ve had a new lecture uploaded today, entitled “Sampling Techniques in Dermatology” by Nicola Swales RVN so hope all our members will find it really useful in practice. It uses a series of videos to demonstrate sampling techniques and so should be really helpful. Enjoy!

New Lecture Uploaded

The next New Lecture from Claire Speight has been uploaded today entitled ” Five Freedoms & Applying them to Pet Rabbits”. This lecture discusses the Five Freedoms and Animal Welfare issues with regard to pet rabbits so is ideal for VNs who advise any client on rabbit care and how to keep pet rabbits appropriately.  Enjoy!

New Lecture Added

The first of our new run of lectures has now been uploaded – ‘Rabbit Nutrition’ by Claire Speight.  Its a great new lecture to start of the series and will be really useful to all VNs who advise clients on rabbit care.  Next one coming up will be ‘Five Freedoms’ and continues the rabbit theme for September. Enjoy!

Sampling Techniques in Dermatology


This lecture takes a detailed look at sampling techniques in dermatology and will be really useful for VNs in practice.

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