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Does my veterinary nursing CPD membership run from a year from the day I sign up?

Yes, thats right. Once you sign up you will have a whole year’s membership to complete as much, or as little, veterinary nursing CPD as you wish.

During that time you can choose to meet all your veterinary nursing CPD requirements through Vet Nurse Online, and easily keep up with your RCVS requirements. Or, you can just choose to do the lectures that particularly interest you.

Having problems with the video lectures?

We have heard that some members have had a problem with playing video lectures – our web team report that this is a browser issue. The key to resolving this is to use an up to date browser version (which can be downloaded free online):
Or upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer…
Version 9 if using Windows 7 or Vista:
Or version 8 if using Windows XP:

Changing to a new browser should resolve any such problems with your veterinary nursing CPD videos, and if anyone has experienced any problems do let us know so we can sort it out for you.

How does my Australian NIAG CPD points allocation work?

As we update the website with new veterinary nursing CPD lectures then we will apply for NIAG CPD points for it – we currently have 13 points allocated to our first lectures to get on to the site. If a lecture has allocated points then it will say so in the notes of the Abstract. Once the CPD has been succesfully completed, please email us to be able to access your specially designed NIAG approved Certificate – the Australian version of the Certificate of Attendance that you will also receive for your veterinary nursing CPD.

How does my NZVNA points allocation work?

Each hour long lecture gains one CPD point, and if you are doing a bitesize (half hour) lecture you will need to do another one to make up one whole point. Once each CPD lecture has been succesfully completed, you can print out your certificate as proof of your CPD.

How much is membership and are there any extra costs incurred once I am a member?

The cost is £170 for annual membership to Vet Nurse Online – this includes access to all veterinary nursing CPD lectures that are on the website throughout the year and includes any new lectures we add. No extra charges are incurred once you are a member.

How to I activate my BVNA, VNCA, NZVNA or WVS 10% discount?

The discount is gained through a password code which you enter as you sign up for membership through PayPal. This is “FOMOEMALAWI1911”.

I am interested in becoming a Vet Nurse Online contributing lecturer, how do I apply?

We are always interested to hear from suitably qualified and experienced vet nurses who might like to provide online veterinary nursing CPD lectures – if you would like to be considered, please email with a detailed biography giving details of your field of expertise.

I am interested in qualifying as a vet nurse, will being a member of Vet Nurse Online help me qualify?

No, Vet Nurse Online provides continuing veterinary nursing CPD (professional development) lectures only. If you are thinking about the vet nurse qualification then please see the RCVS website for information on courses. Then, when you do qualify, come back to us for your veterinary nursing CPD!

I work for a charity, will I qualify for free veterinary nursing CPD membership?

Possibly yes, please give us an email detailing the work you do and we will give it consideration. Our free membership is given to those working in charitable projects in developing countries where there may be no access to veterinary nursing CPD, with the aim for improving animal health and welfare through education worldwide.

If my membership is for a year, will lectures that are on the site now, be on the site all year?

Not necessarily – as the CPD lectures may need updating this cannot always be guaranteed. If a particular veterinary nursing CPD lecture is of interest to you we advise becoming a member and viewing it as soon as possible. If veterinary nursing CPD lectures are going to be removed from the site we will endeavor to notify members by email in advance.

Is there another way to pay instead of PayPal as I'd like to ask my practice manager to arrange payment?

Yes we can invoice you or your practice directly by email – Please see the invoice option once you register. Alternatively, if your practice has specific requirements with invoicing/reciepts then please email us the details and we will work with you in organising this.

What technical requirements will I need to view the veterinary nursing CPD lectures?

A good internet connection and a computer with the ability to play sound. Also Adobe Reader to read the PDF downloads e.g. certificate and course notes. If you are having difficulty viewing any part of our website we suggest using Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. It is also recommended that you have a pen and paper ready while viewing the lectures, as you might in a traditional lecture setting, as notes may be useful to assist with completing the exercise and/or questions after the lecture. Notes will also be useful in completing your reflective veterinary nursing CPD progress log – something we advise is done after each lecture.

Will each lecture be an hour's veterinary nursing CPD?

Please remember that using your online log to reflect on what you learn in each lecture is an important part of our veterinary nursing CPD, and is built around what the RCVS advise for CPD – reflective learning. Lectures may contain an exercise to be done and our multiple choice online questions and handouts are also an extra in built with many of the veterinary nursing CPD lectures.

Completing a lecture, questions/exercise and then reflecting on your learning in your online log is what we expect to be carried out to count as an hour’s veterinary nursing CPD. However, it is also important to note that some of our lectures – usually the ‘refreshers’ or ‘introduction to’ range will be bite size CPD, and completing two of these will make up an hour’s CPD.

Will membership gain me a vet nurse qualification?

No, Vet Nurse Online provides individual CPD lectures online rather than an ongoing course. It is more like attending an online vet nurse congress, and provides a huge choice of lectures to put towards your yearly veterinary nursing CPD requirements instead. Lectures test your learning through questions and you will receive a CPD certificate of attendance for attending the lecture, but you learn at your own pace and when you have time so you have no deadlines or coursework to complete.

Will my payment and personal information be secure?

Yes, payment is made via PayPal who run a secure and safe payment system (See PayPal for further information).

Please see our Privacy Policy to see how we keep your personal information safe and secure, and see our Terms and Conditions for our refunds policy. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call on the number below.

Will the veterinary nursing CPD questions and exercises be too difficult or time consuming for me to complete?

No, if you take notes while watching each veterinary nursing CPD lecture you will be ready to complete all the tasks involved with each one. Each full length lecture will be around 40 minutes long, leaving time to complete the extra tasks afterwards. This will involve either completing 10 questions or an exercise and 5 questions. The questions are all multiple choice. Bite size veterinary nursing CPD lectures are shorter and either involve 5 questions or an exercise. For both type of lecture you should reflect on your learning afterwards in your online log.

Will there be more CPD lectures added in the future?

Yes, Vet Nurse Online will be updating and adding new CPD to the collaboration.


Please contact us if you have any further questions about any aspect of Vet Nurse Online, and we’d be happy to help.

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