Ethos and Ethics

Stray dogAt Vet Nurse Online, we are committed to upholding ethical and environmentally friendly practice in our CPD for veterinary nurses:

  • We are committed to professional excellence in our CPD for veterinary nurses. All our CPD can be used by Vet Nurses to keep up with their RCVS CPD requirements, as well as being approved in Australia and New Zealand. Also, our CPD for veterinary nurses is entirely free from pharmaceautical and sales sponsorship, funding or advertising. Our sponsorship free policy ensures all education and training is free from bias.
  • FOMOEWe are committed to improving the opportunity for education worldwide. For every membership fee paid for our CPD for veterinary nurses, we donate £10 direct to charity – to help fund a school for 200 orphans in Malawi. If you would like to learn more about the school see  (Registered charity in England and Wales 1137984).
  • Vet Nurse Online offers an Animal Health Charity Workers Abroad feature. We actively support charities and projects in developing countries for the health and welfare of animals, by providing free membership to their vet nursing staff and volunteers abroad to Vet Nurse Online including all our CPD for veterinary . We also actively encourage volunteering abroad and are keen supporters of The Worldwide Veterinary Service, and a discount rate to sign up to Vet Nurse Online is available to all of their members.
  • In 2013 we introduced our Vet Nurse Online Volunteering for Animal Welfare Grant to help VNs  towards volunteering in the assistance of animal welfare worldwide.
  • Our website is powered by a web host that offsets all carbon dioxide emissions that are generated by the services and infrastructure used to power their websites.
  • We are committed to increasing our accessibility and to improving the service we bring our members, and as such are gradually expanding our range of accessible lectures.  We wanted to introduce the idea for those for whom audio might be a problem and these lectures will now be marked clearly as Accessible Lectures in the Notes section.  This also means that if you wish to learn at work or in public, you will be able to do so quietly without missing any of the lecturers points.   Although not all of our lectures can be designed like this, we do hope to gradually increase the range that can be viewed easily without the need for sound.
  • We recycle/re-use all our paper and ink, and reduce use by using email correspondence where possible.
  • We are committed to respecting animal welfare and animal rights and uphold a vegan workplace.

Vet Nurse Online provides CPD for veterinary nurses, senior veterinary nurses, vet techs and nursing assistants. Please see RCVS for the vet nursing qualification itself. For pet health questions please speak to your vet or qualified veterinary nurse.  Or for more veterinary nursing information, please see Vetpol or Vetclick.


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